Aliens in Nagoya

I’ve begun a highly sensitive and top-secret campaign to amass proof that aliens have landed in here in Nagoya. I shouldn’t even be telling you this. Please don’t tell anyone else.

Exhibit A

Don’t believe it? I didn’t either, at first. Here’s what I’ve found so far: Note Exhibit A on the right. Look closely. There’s some sort of alien script, surrounding something written in English. Clearly this is a coded message sent to aliens already populating planet Earth. I’ve not yet cracked the code but as near as I can tell it means: “Use that takes the pet of the dog, etc. is frowned upon.”

Note the blatant reference to the Aqua Spaceship. Food or drink seems to be prohibited on the Aqua spaceship much like LA Metro commuter trains and buses. Smoking is apparently acceptable.

Exhibit B

Exhibit B is a big silver ball. I don’t know what’s it’s doing here but I think those cars are bringing supplies to it. Probably Milky Ways (just a little cosmic humor, heh heh). Note how the man with the umbrella doesn’t even seem to care that there is a giant ball behind him. He is clearly one of them.

Even as I write this, I feel the aliens are taking steps to annihilate the human race. I won’t be able to tell you everything I know, but I’ll try to keep you updated with my progress… as long as it’s not too dangerous for me or for you.

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