No Nukes

We weren’t sure at first… a festival, no of course not. Are they trying to sell us something? I don’t think so. Wait it is a festival… no it’s definitely not, not with all those police. Then finally we figured it out. A demonstration. A No Nukes demonstration.

Being from Los Angeles I hardly thought it could be a demonstration without people smashing plate glass windows or burning stuff. Mostly these people just walked and yelled and banged on drums. Loudspeakers attached to car batteries amplified the voices of the leaders who  yelled “Nuclear power is dangerous!” and various other similar sentiments.

People of all ages showed up. The woman in the picture must be about 80 something but she was keeping right up. The policeman in the edge of the shot actually helped her along many times. You don’t see that in LA! then there’s the kid in the baby carriage. Boy is he gonna have stories to tell.

Costumes were the order of the day too. I saw plenty of anime characters, an American Indian, and even Pokemon. It was like if Bay to Breakers was a protest.
Anyway, No Nukes is clearly the message circulating Japan a year after the earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear accident. The message is being heard in Tokyo. At the moment only one of the 54 reactors in the nation is operating. The others are all offline… not permanently, but for several months for major check-ups. I expect there may be rolling blackouts this summer, but it’s well worth it to keep the country safe.

The temporary shutdown is the plan as it stands now. But for many Japanese it’s not enough. Abolishment of nuclear power is what most of the country seems to back right now. Tough order, maybe impossible in the short term, but the people’s voices are loud and clear.We’ll see what happens.

Alternative forms of energy could start trickling out of Japan. After all, without the nukes there’s just not enough fossil resources here to keep the country lit. Why not encourage alternative forms of energy? New power sources are the new frontier, and energy equals wealth in the modern world. Alternative energy sources will undoubtedly be the riches of the future. And the reluctance of legacy nations to get on board could be costly for them if not costly for the entire world.

But for  now the people of Japan are exercising their free speech. And the police aren’t even beating them up. They actually appear to be keeping the peace. (Sorry LAPD, just had to point that out… No offense eh, still friends?)

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