Green Tea Cola

Why not? After all Dr. Pepper is made from prunes. The fact that Dr. Pepper is undrinkable hasn’t prevented the company from taking its place in the Fortune 500. Have you ever even known anybody who drinks Dr. Pepper? How about Mr. Pibb? Do they even still make that?

Perhaps it was the recent popularity of micro-brews that’s made any schmuck think they could bottle a micro-soda. There are enough of them out there, and most aren’t worth the glass in their bottles, but Green Tea Cola had to be worth a try. I got it at a convenience store on an expressway service area in Nagano prefecture. How it made it into that refrigerator case is beyond me, but there it was. Cursing, I sprung for the inflated price (More than double the neighboring Coke). I went outside and took a picture of it. Wouldn’t you?

Then I drank it. I shared some with my wife. She didn’t say much about it, just drank what was in her glass kept reading her “Tokai Walker” magazine.  I wish I could explain the flavor, but I can’t. Even though I drank it, I have no idea what it tasted like. It was lighter than Coke, and a little spicy. Not Mexican food spicy, just spicy, you know? It wasn’t bad really. Spicy green sugar water without so much as a hint of green tea flavor. The label says there’s green tea in it, but I don’t know where. My wife said there’s cinnamon in it too, but I couldn’t get that either. Cinnamon wasn’t listed on the label.

Good points: Green color. Nice bottle. Snob appeal. All in all, I’d drink it again if it were free. It’s better than dying of thirst. And it’s much better than Dr. Pepper.

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